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SPN News March/April 2016
Published on March 22, 2016
In this issue: The Danger of a Passionate Calling, by Jack Sandefer; Make It Personal: Communicating with Passion, by Brian Burkhart; Strengthen Your Event Strategy, Part Two: Best Practices for Event Execution, by Katie Vernuccio; Mary Lou Des Champs - A Champion for Workplace Freedom; How Beacon Center of Tennessee is Pursuading Citizens to Live Free Together, by Justin Owen and Meredith Turney; SPN Updates;

SPN News January/February 2016
Published on February 8, 2016
In this issue: Change the Game; Assessing Your Fundraising Performance: Takeaways from the 2015 SPN Development Survey, by Jeremy Beer; Unique Retreat Catalyzes Meaningful Conversations; Rebecca Friedrichs: A Warrior for Freedom of Association; Partnerships with America's Future Foundation Connect State Thinks Tanks with Local Young Professionals, by Roger Custer; SPN Updates;

SPN News November/December 2015
Published on November 23, 2015
In this issue: Regulating Private Philanthropy and Strangling Free Speech, by J. Robert McClure; Beacon's Road Trip for Freedom, by Mark Cunningham; Jack Turner: A Cowboy's Legacy for Freedom; SPN 23rd Annual Meeting Celebrates Movement Leaders; All Roads Lead to Annual Meeting: Annual Meeting Forges Connections Nationwide; SPN Updates;

SPN News September/October 2015
Published on October 6, 2015
In this issue: Always be Recruiting and the Talent Multiplier, by John Tillman; 5 Attributes of a Stellar Communications Director, by Meredith Turney; Cared For (Not Just Covered), by Jonathan Small; Helen Kriebel: An Unsung Hero for Freedom; Talent Show: How to Find and Keep Great People for Your Organization, by Becky Liner; Tenets to Raise (Big) Money, by Jerold Panas; In Memoriam: Whitney Ball, by Carl Helstrom; SPN Updates;

SPN News July/August 2015
Published on August 1, 2015
In this issue: Multi-State Collaboration Ignites Policy Reform, by Sarah Leitner Kramer; Strengthen Your Event Strategy Part One, by Katie Vernuccio; In Memorium: Robert M. Weekley 1943-2015; Four Steps for Developing a Tax Reform Marketing Plan, by Adam Weinberg; SPN Updates;

SPN News May/June 2015
Published on May 4, 2015
In this issue: Experience Freedom, by Lynn Harsh; A Strong Brand Equals Greater Impact, by Nicole Williams; Lessons in Grant Writing, by Ann C. Fitzgerald; Raising Funds from Foundations; Pinky Roberts: A Freedom All Her Own; 2015 Generation Liberty Fellowship; Operations - Is Your Leadership Credible?, by Leanne VanBeek; SPN Updates;

SPN News March/April 2015
Published on March 2, 2015
In this issue: The 4 Foundations of a Winning Issue Advocacy Campaign, by Sue Zoldak; Going Where Policy Meets Culture, by Meredith Turney; Consistency: The Not-So-Secret Formula to Fundraising Success, by Jeffrey Cain; Eric M. Javits: Ambassador for Freedom; Strategies: Tax Reform Opportunities in 2015, by Becki Gray and Steve Anderson; SPN Updates

SPN News January/February 2015
Published on January 14, 2015
In this issue: Invite Entrepreneurs In: An Interview with Whitney Johnson; When the Left Attacks: How to Respond with Boldness and Dignity, by Diana Rickert; America's Coming Generational Wealth Transfer: Part II, by Carolyn Kley Fanning; New Campaign Finance Laws Can Bite 501(c)(3) Groups, by Matt Nese; SPN Updates;

SPN News November/December 2014
Published on November 3, 2014
In this issue: What is the Point of Philanthropy?, by Arthur Brooks; How to "Unstick" Status Quo Beliefs, by Meredith Turney; America's Coming Generational Wealth Transfer: A Fundraising Frontier for Nonprofits, by Carolyn Kley Fanning; Your Legacy, Your Choice - Create a Legacy for Freedom Today; Unsung Hero Award, Overton Award & Roe Award Winners; Dare to Disrupt; SPN News Updates;

SPN News September/October 2014
Published on September 1, 2014
In this issue: Detroit on the Rise, by Rachel Kopec and Holly Carter; Numbers Tell a Story, by Meredith Turney; Want to "Think Big"? Consider Your Fundraising Culture, by Ben Case; John Williammee's Frontier for Freedom; Identifying and Retaining Talent: No Magic Hat Required, by Claire Kittle Dixon; Recognizing the Indispensable, by Lawrence W. Reed; SPN Updates;

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