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SPN News March/April 2015
Published on March 2, 2015
In this issue: The 4 Foundations of a Winning Issue Advocacy Campaign, by Sue Zoldak; Going Where Policy Meets Culture, by Meredith Turney; Consistency: The Not-So-Secret Formula to Fundraising Success, by Jeffrey Cain; Eric M. Javits: Ambassador for Freedom; Strategies: Tax Reform Opportunities in 2015, by Becki Gray and Steve Anderson; SPN Updates

SPN News January/February 2015
Published on January 14, 2015
In this issue: Invite Entrepreneurs In: An Interview with Whitney Johnson; When the Left Attacks: How to Respond with Boldness and Dignity, by Diana Rickert; America's Coming Generational Wealth Transfer: Part II, by Carolyn Kley Fanning; New Campaign Finance Laws Can Bite 501(c)(3) Groups, by Matt Nese; SPN Updates;

SPN News November/December 2014
Published on November 3, 2014
In this issue: What is the Point of Philanthropy?, by Arthur Brooks; How to "Unstick" Status Quo Beliefs, by Meredith Turney; America's Coming Generational Wealth Transfer: A Fundraising Frontier for Nonprofits, by Carolyn Kley Fanning; Your Legacy, Your Choice - Create a Legacy for Freedom Today; Unsung Hero Award, Overton Award & Roe Award Winners; Dare to Disrupt; SPN News Updates;

SPN News September/October 2014
Published on September 1, 2014
In this issue: Detroit on the Rise, by Rachel Kopec and Holly Carter; Numbers Tell a Story, by Meredith Turney; Want to "Think Big"? Consider Your Fundraising Culture, by Ben Case; John Williammee's Frontier for Freedom; Identifying and Retaining Talent: No Magic Hat Required, by Claire Kittle Dixon; Recognizing the Indispensable, by Lawrence W. Reed; SPN Updates;

SPN News July/August 2014
Published on July 1, 2014
In this issue: Innovative Partnerships Fuel Policy Reform, by Melissa Langsam Braunstein; Operational Best Practices: Ensuring a Solid Foundation for Your Organization, by Cherie Valez; Chasing Freedom; Generation Liberty Fellowship: Building Up Future Leaders for the Freedom Movement, by Katie Vernuccio; What Apple Taught Me about Marketing Freedom, by Rebecca Phillips; SPN Updates;

SPN News May/June 2014
Published on May 6, 2014
In this issue: Dare to Disrupt, by Lynn Harsh; Confrontation vs. Collaboration: Choosing the best tactics to advance your policy goals, by Todd Davidson; The Writing on the Wall; Leadership and Organizational Self-Awareness, by Jeffrey Cain Ph.D.; Are You America's Next Great Communicator?, by Meredith Turney; State Updates;

SPN News March/April 2014
Published on April 11, 2014
In this issue: Opportunity to Promote Free Speech?, by Tracie Sharp;  What's in a Name?, by Meredith Turney;  40 Years and 34 Lessons - Waging the War of Ideas: Part Two, by John Blundell;  Going State-to-State for Freedom;  Eleven Irrefutable-ish Rules to Raise Transformational Gifts, by Daniel J. Erspamer; SPN Updates

SPN News January/February 2014
Published on February 11, 2014
In this issue: The Lay of the Land in 2014, by Leslie Graves; Learn the Right Language, by Meredith Turney; Preparing for Your Annual Strategy Session, by Steven Kiel; Never AWOL in the Fight for Freedom; 40 Years and 34 Lessons, Waging the War of Ideas: Part One, by John Blundell; Overcoming 3 Fallacies of Social Change, by Alexander McCobin; SPN Updates;

SPN News November/December 2013
Published on December 6, 2013
In this issue: Misconceptions About Dark Money, by Adam Meyerson; Time to Set Your 2014 Communications Goals, by Meredith Turney; Building Bridges to Transform Education, by Pamela Benigno; Still in the Ring! Achieving a Culture of Philanthropy, by Karen E. Osborne; SPN Updates;

SPN News September/October 2013
Published on October 22, 2013
In this issue: Find Your Audience for Freedom, by John Papola; Turn Crisis into Opportunity, by Meredith Turney; Six Secrets of Direct Mail, by Shana Davidson; 2013 Roe Award & Unsung Hero Award; Become a Storyteller for Liberty, by Justin Owen; SPN News September/October 2013 Updates;

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