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Found: Scholars for Your Policy Projects

By Nicola Moore
Published on Friday, April 01, 2011

Have you noticed the Bluegrass Institute's new advisory board members? Or heard new voices delivering health care testimony for ALEC? Or read think tank research written by new authors? These and other examples were all made possible thanks to a new initiative - the Find Scholars service -offered by the Institute for Humane Studies.

You may know IHS for its Koch Summer Fellow intern program, or its flagship summer seminars for students interested in learning more about the ideas of liberty. But IHS can also help SPN members find scholars to write research papers, deliver testimony, review studies or speak on panels.

Now in its 50th year, IHS has spent decades working with freedom-friendly university professors across the country. In that time, we've identified thousands of the best and the brightest scholars in a range of disciplines, including economics, political science, law and policy.

While our scholars are producing great research in academia, we realized many of them could be doing more to help advance liberty in the public policy arena. We knew there was a demand from organizations for experts and decided to take our rolodex out for a spin and provide the supply. We launched the Find Scholars service to help connect think tanks to academics in our network and, so far IHS has helped several organizations fill some great opportunities.

For example, The Bluegrass Institute called IHS to find Advisory Board members. We were not only able to identify several freedom-friendly academics in Kentucky, but we also helped vet the best candidates to place three scholars on the Board. "All of these professors sound amazing," said Bluegrass executive director Rick Loghry. "It's actually really beneficial for the Bluegrass Institute to define this board, and having IHS do the introducing adds another layer of formality that further legitimizes it."

The American Legislative Exchange Council  also came to IHS in search of experts that could testify in front of state legislatures on health care. We were able to find scholars to testify in Ohio, Arkansas and Tennessee. Task Force Director Christie Herrera reported, "The IHS network has been truly invaluable as ALEC works to enact market-based legislative solutions at the state level."

The best part is that the Find Scholars Service is absolutely free. At the core, IHS's mission is to advance liberty, and by serving as a resource for freedom-friendly talent, Find Scholars aims to help other organizations with their liberty-advancing projects as well.

Want to get started and find a scholar to fill an opportunity you have in mind now? All you need to do to get connected to the IHS network is email your request to or call our office, 703-993-4880.

Once we've got information about the opportunity you are looking to fill, IHS will identify scholars and send you a list of candidates. If you feel strapped for time, IHS can also handle the outreach to the scholars and deliver one candidate that's ready, willing and able to meet your needs.  We're happy to accommodate whatever level of service best suits your needs.

So if there is a paper your think tank has been dying to write, but you don't have an author, or an event you'd like to host, but you don't have a speaker, check the IHS network. We're a hub of freedom-friendly talent, and chances are we can Find Scholars to help you out.

Nicola Moore is the director of external relations at the Institute for Humane Studies. Reach her at


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