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SPN Tech/ Telecom Policy Exchange: August 2013

Published on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013                      


The monthly Tech/Telecom Policy Exchange is brought to you by State Policy Network and prepared by Washington Policy Center.  Please send any studies or news articles you would like included in the September Tech Policy Exchange (must include web link, with ‘Tech/Telecom Exchange’ in subject line) by September 15 to  Also, feel free to send suggestions to make this Exchange better or more useful to you and your organization, and let us know if you would like to be included in our SPN/WPC Tech Policy Working Group Conference Calls.


Top News

Federal Spectrum Policy: In 2012, global mobile data traffic grew by 12%. Current spectrum capacity is limited, and much of it is controlled by the federal government. As providers seek to meet growing consumer data demands, policy experts are examining various ways to allocate more government data towards general public usage.

Don’t Equivocate: Clear and Reallocate (Free State Foundation)

Tech Memo: Freeing Government Spectrum (Tech Freedom)

A Federal Wireless Policy Built on Carrots, Not Sticks (The Hill)

Arbitrary Spectrum Policy (Daily Caller)

Play Fair, T-Mobile; No Spectrum Caps on Government Auctions (Digital Liberty)

Achieving Unity: Getting to ‘Yes’ on Incentive Spectrum Auctions (Free State Foundation)

How Can Congress Accommodate Both Federal and Commercial Spectrum Demand (The Technology Liberation Front)



Technology Policy:

Federal Communications Commission: The FCC’s Competitive Failure (Bridge Span)

1G Government in 4G World (The Daily Caller)

Regulate the FCC (Real Clear Policy)

FCC Reporting Reform Passes House Committee But Omits Key Transparency Reform (TechFreedom)

Capricious Net Neutrality Charges (Precursor Blog)

New Processes for the FCC? (Bridge Span)

FCC Regulatory Reform and Administrative Law (FCC)


Broadband: An American Internet Success Story (American Commitment)

US Broadband Mix if Far More Competitive and Consumer Friendly than the EU (Digital Liberty)


Internet Taxes: Halting Wireless Tax Increases (Citizens Against Government Waste)

The Real Politics of Taxing the Internet (Institute for Policy Innovation)

Keeping Internet Free of Taxes (Citizens Against Government Waste)

A Permanent Ban on Discriminatory Internet Taxes (Institute for Policy Innovation)

Former Governor Jim Gilmore Confirms Internet Sales Tax Hurts Small Business (The Heritage Foundation)


Copyrights: Copyright’s Constitutional History and Its Meaning for Today (Free State Foundation)

Copyright Review Must Not Fixate on the Ideological Leading to Economic Harm (Institute for Policy Innovation)


Patents: Patent Pool Pollution (Institute for Policy Innovation)


IP Regulation: Washington (DC) Should Follow Washington (State) (Free State Foundation)


Video Delivery: Consumers Kept in the Dark about Going Dark in LA and NYC (Bridge Span)

FCC Report Reconfirms the Reality of the Video Market’s Competitiveness (Free State Foundation)

TV Anti-competitiveness, a la Carte (The Daily Caller)

CBS Blackout Prompts Calls for Regulatory Changes (The Hill)


Intellectual Property: Getting Knowledge Policy Right (Institute for Policy Innovation)

ACI Survey Reveals Most Americans Support Intellectual Property Protection (Digital Liberty)



Consumer Technology News

Apps: Make Apps, Not More Rules (Daily Caller)

Operating System: Android or Apple, How About Agnostic? (CNET)

Touch Screens: Microsoft-Backed Software Turns Any Surface into a Touch Screen (PC Mag)

Mobile Operators: Say Goodbye to Mobile Phone Contracts (and Roaming Fees)? (ArsTechnica)


Upcoming Events

September 9, 2013, Washington, DC: Tech Freedom’s Debrief Luncheon After Net Neutrality Appellate Arguments



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