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SPN Education Policy Exchange: Volume 4, Issue 4

Published on Monday, March 01, 2010

SPN Education Policy Exchange: Volume 4, Issue 4 

The Education Exchange is a quick-read update on recent events in education - in the states and nationally. If you would like the Exchange to feature your organization's work, please submit links to your recent studies to Liz at

TOP STORY: Stossel - Jeanne Allen and Kevin Chavous featured (Fox Business)

Two must-watch videos from Stossel's recent show on the education monopoly. Jeanne has an impressive debate with a union boss, and Kevin offers his perspective on choice and reforms that will put children first.


America's Private Public Schools (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)

A new report on public schools that serve small numbers of low-income students.

Rod Paige: Closing the Achievement Gap (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)

Video of Rod Paige's recent presentation and book release.

The Choice Movement and the Courts (Friedman Foundation)

Eric A. Hanushek and Alfred A. Lindseth on school funding litigation.

Empowering Effective Teachers (Gates Foundation)

A new series addressing teacher evaluation, tenure, and models for reform.

Behind the Curtain: Assessing the Case for National Curriculum Standards (CATO)

Neal McCluskey on national standards.

Olympia budget writers want families to leave public education to save the state money (Washington Policy Center)

Blog post on legislation affecting online education and programs for students at risk.

Why Race to the Middle? (Pioneer Institute)

A new paper evaluating the debate between national and state standards.

AEA president has facts wrong about Florida education reforms (Goldwater Institute)

Matt Ladner's latest column.

Colorado Schools and Association Release Time (Independence Institute)

Benjamin DeGrow on transparency.


Preaching Choice in Obama's Hometown (Wall Street Journal)

Stossel - Education: Too important for a government monopoly (Sun Journal)

Izumi & Clemens: Learning from Canada's Schools (Washington Times)

Voucher Bill Would Help At-Risk Kids, Extend Civil Rights (Florida Thinks)

Education Reform: Teachers' Unions Failing U.S. Schools (TIME)

Column: Vouchers are a civil-rights issue (

No (Tenured) Teacher Left Behind (Wall Street Journal)

Ga. school voucher bill moves past committee (WRCB)

Don't look to government to reform education (The Daily Caller)

Students all a-Twitter in their virtual Capitol tour (Salt Lake Tribune)

In Utah, a plan to cut 12th grade (LA Times)

Report: Why do some schools have few poor students? (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Education's ‘Core' (Boston Herald)

Threat to education (Lowell Sun)

Politics interferes with education agenda (Boston Herald)

Pioneer Institute - Feds Invade Commonwealth (WRKO)

Wealth Gap for Schools in New Jersey Is the Highest (NY Times)

Tax-credit scholarships could ease school funding burden (

Expand opportunities (News Herald)

Education gets more political (


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