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SPN Membership Information

The State Policy Network is comprised of over 100 regular and associate members. While each individual member organization varies in composition, all are dedicated to advancing market-oriented public policy solutions while operating within the accepted standards and practices of the industry.

Membership in State Policy Network is voluntary and by invitation-only. SPN's mission is to provide its members with capacity-building services. SPN neither directs nor manages its members' programs or activities. SPN members pride themselves on their independence and relevancy to their respective states and/or areas of public policy research.


Regular Members

A regular member operates as a full-service think tank, addressing a variety of relevant policy issues, not just a single-issue. They will operate independently with their state, and not as part of a state chapter, franchise, other effort of a separate organization. Their primary goal is to provide educational materials to the citizenry, public officials, and members of the media with a state-based focus. They refuse to accept or solicit government funding, and are IRS approved 501(c)(3)s.


Associate Members

Like regular members, associate members are organizations that display a commitment to a market-oriented foundational public policy. They are also IRS approved 501(c)(3) organizations primarily focused on education and operate independently of all government funding. However, unlike regular members, SPN Associate Members can be national in scope and are not necessarily oriented towards a single state.

Public Policy Issues

SPN member organizations provide a wide range of products and services to their respective communities, to include:

• Timely and accurate research on public policy issues

• Research Papers, commentary, reports, and policy briefs proposing feasible and effective solutions to policy issues

• "Report Cards" to enable comparison on government services

• Events featuring policy experts to discuss current policy issues

• Resident scholars able to lend their expertise to educate and inform

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more, click here to locate a specific SPN member organization by location or alphabetically.

Search SPN Member Resources to locate the latest news, events, job openings, and other resources posted by SPN's members.

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About SPN

State Policy Network is made up of free market think tanks - at least one in every state - fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels. SPN and our members make the Founders' vision for the American Republic a reality as the nation's only 50-state distribution network for market-oriented public policy ideas. Our programs advance and defend American liberty and free enterprise by assisting new start-up organizations, growing existing state think tanks, recruiting talent to the think tank industry, developing strategic partnerships, and promoting the free-market state movement. Read More

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