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2007 State Policy Network 15th Annual Meeting Agenda

15th Annual Meeting

October 10-12, 2007

Portland, Maine

(updated October 5th, 2007)

All sessions and meals to be at the Portland Marriott Sable Oaks unless otherwise noted.


Tuesday, October 9th, 2007


12:00 pm

SPN/MHPC Golf Tournament
Sable Oaks Golf Club (Adjacent to the Sable Oaks Marriott)

Please contact MHPC to sign up for the golf tournament: 207-321-2550

Walks ins are welcome!

7:00 pm

Maine Heritage Policy Center Reception
Portland & South Portland


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7:00 am

Technology Innovation Lab & Resource Room
Salons A, B & C

7:30 am

Telecom and Technology Policy Breakfast
Casco Ballroom

  • Telecom Policy Legislative Update and Discussion
    Diane Katz, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  • Cutting Edge Developments in Blog Technology
    Mark Story, Fleishman-Hilliard; Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute

Presentations Available:

Download file Judson - The Coming Exaflood

Download file Pociask - Wireless Comparisons


9:30- 11:30 am

Concurrent Sessions:

Financial Management/Reporting Workshop
Salon E
Whitney Ball, DonorsTrust and Rick Hendershot, Hendershot Burkhardt & Reed

9:30- 10:15 am

Reputation on the Line: From Digital Dirt to Cyberfame to Wikiwars
Salon D

Janine C. Warner, author of DreamWeaver for Dummies and Creating Family Websites for Dummies; David LaFontaine, consultant for Innovation and media technology specialist

10:20- 11:30 am

Concurrent Sessions:

Technology Workshop
Salon D

  • Live Video Over Wimax, and Marketing Ideas with Video
    Joe Weaver, Independence Institute
    Trent Seibert, Tennessee Center for Policy Research
  • Licensed and Open Source Products, Their Strengths and Weaknesses
    Michael Toguchi, eResources
    Michael Rae, Lexicom
    Carl Gipson, Washington Policy Center

12:00 - 1:30 pm

Opening Lunch

Casco Ballroom

Ben Chavis

Director of American Indian Public Charter School

2:00 - 4:00pm

The Best Darn Communications, Period
Salon D
John Kramer, Institute for Justice

2:00 - 3:00pm

Education Reform Workshop
Salon E,


Charles Hokanson, Alliance for School Choice and Andrew Coulson, Cato Institute

Messaging/Marketing to Move the Debate

  • Make Video Work For You
    Steve Maggi, Evergreen Freedom Foundation
  • Increasing Your Bandwidth: Using Technology to Advance Education Reform
    Pam Benigno, Independence Institute
  • Promoting the Brand: Messages that Work, What isn't Working
    Robert Enlow, Friedman Foundation
  • Litigation and Winning in the Court of Public Opinion
    Dick Komer, Institute for Justice

3:00 - 4:00

Education Reform Workshop Breakout Sessions

Bill Design, Legislative Strategies, and Legal Issues

  • Tax Credits, South Portland Room
    Andrew Coulson & Adam Schaeffer, Cato Institute; Dick Komer, Institute for Justice; Andy Lefevre, REACH Foundation
  • Vouchers, Portland Room
    Charles Hokanson, Alliance for School Choice & Robert Enlow, Milton and Rose Friedman Foundation
  • Charters, Salon E
    Kara Hornung, Center for Education Reform

4:15 - 5:15pm

Networking by Position - Interactive discussions

  • Speed Networking for Communication Directors, Portland & S. Portland
    Facilitator: Starlee Rhoades, Goldwater Institute
  • Admin and Operations, Salon E
    Facilitator: Joe Lehman, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  • Policy and Research Directors, Salon D
    Facilitator: Michael Sanera, John Locke Foundation


Welcome Reception
Portland Room


2007 Thomas Roe Award Banquet
Salons D & E


After-Dinner Cigars & Cordials
GB Foyer & Courtyard


Thursday, October 11, 2007


7:00 am

Technology Innovation Lab & Resource Room
Salons A, B & C

7:00 - 8:00am

Fundraising Fundamentals
Ann Fitzgerald, A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates LLC

Portland & South Portland Rooms

8:00 - 9:15am

Concurrent Breakfast Sessions:

A Practical Look at Health Savings Accounts Networking Breakfast
Casco Bay Ballroom
Facilitator: Beverly Gossage, Show-Me Institute

Position Networking: State Think Tank CEOs only
Salon D
Facilitator: Tracie Sharp, State Policy Network

9:45 - 11:30am

Concurrent Sessions:

Strategies to Bring the Policy Heat: Collaborating with c-4s, Hiring Investigative Reporters and Using Litigation
Salon D
Steve Moore, Wall Street Journal; Eric O'Keefe, Sam Adams Alliance; Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity Foundation; Paul Chesser, John Locke Foundation; Kent Lassman, FreedomWorks; Trent Seibert, Tennessee Center for Policy Research

Health Handbook Workshop: The Uninsured, Medicaid, Malpractice, Worker's Comp, and more
Salon E
John Goodman and Michael Bond, NCPA

12:00 - 1:30pm

Casco Bay Ballroom
Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney
Co-producers/directors of Mine Your Own Business

2:00 - 4:00pm

Concurrent Sessions:

Great Leaps Forward in Fundraising: How to triple your organization's revenue in 5 years
Salon D
Kevin Gentry, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, Dr. Tyler Cowen, author of Discover Your Inner Economist, Stephen Clouse, Stephen Clouse & Associates

2:00 - 4:00pm

Tax and Budget Workshop: How to Impact the Tax Debate in Your State" tax & budget workshop

Salon E
Chris Atkins, Tax Foundation; Beth Cooley, COST; Scott Moody, Maine Heritage Policy Center; David Hansen, Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions; Kelly McCutchen, Georgia Public Policy Foundation; Alan Cobb, Americans for Prosperity; Lewis Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee


Buses depart for ferry


Aboard Ferry


Maine Heritage Policy Center Dinner

Friday, October 12, 2007


Fourth Annual Pound the Pavement for Policy 5k
Hotel lobby
Hosted by Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility


Technology Innovation Lab & Resource Room
Salons A, B & C

8:00 - 9:15am

Concurrent Sessions:

Health Care Policy Breakfast
Salon D
Mary Katherine Stout, Texas Public Policy Foundation; Michael Cannon, CATO Institute; John Graham, Pacific Research Institute; Christie Raniszewski Herrera, ALEC; Tarren Bragdon, Maine Heritage Policy Center

Position Networking: Development Directors
Salon E (Breakfast)
Facilitator: Lynn Harsh, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

9:30 - 11:30am

Concurrent Sessions:

Labor Policy Workshop
Salon D
Lynn Harsh & Mike Reitz, Evergreen Freedom Foundation and Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Climate Change Workshop
Portland & S. Portland
Myron Ebell and Julie Walsh, Competitive Enterprise Institute and James Taylor, Heartland Institute

The New Wave of Privatization Workshop
Casco Bay Ballroom
Adrian Moore and Leonard Gilroy, Reason Foundation

9:30 - 11:30am

Concurrent Sessions (continued):

Advanced Technology Workshop
Salon E

  • Using Wiki-Technology to Refine Ideas and Reach More People
    Leslie Graves, Lucy Burns Institute and William Wnekowicz, Debatepedia
  • Build Your Website for a Handheld Computer
    Nicole Williams, State Policy Network
    Michael Toguchi, eResources
  • Web 3.0, What is just around the corner
    Richard Lorenc, Sam Adams Alliance
    Joe Weaver, Independence Institute
    Dusty Gulleson, eResources

12:00 - 1:30pm

Closing Lunch: "Transparency in Government - The Next Big Thing"
Casco Bay Ballroom

Sandra Fabry, Americans for Tax Reform; Brooke Rollins, Texas Public Policy Foundation; Michael Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility; the Honorable State Representative Scott Lansley; Kristina Rasmussen, National Taxpayers Union

2:00 - 5:00pm

Concurrent Sessions:

Higher Ed Policy Workshop

Salon D

Richard Vedder and Bryan O'Keefe, Center for College Affordability and Productivity

Leadership Institute Grassroots Communications Workshop

Salon E

  • Developing a Persuasive Message
    Richard Arnakis
  • Public Speaking
    Chris Malagisi
  • Public Relations & Earned Media
    Richard Arnakis
  • Using New Media
    Chris Malagisi

The Grassroots Communications Workshop provides an in-depth look at how conservatives should view and improve their organization's communications. Attendees will learn to develop a consistent and compelling message and successfully deliver it to increase visibility, supporters and volunteers. Ideal attendees for a Grassroots Communications Workshop are current organization leaders, communications directors, press secretaries, spokespeople, public policy organization staff, and anyone with an interest in presenting conservative ideas in a user-friendly manner.



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